Dubious Film Festival Form

We share a responsibility to improve the industry and get rid of the corrupt. By filling in this form you will be adding your voice and the list will increase and then submitted to FilmFreway.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. I value the information you provide and hope it helps you, me and others to operate in a better environment and less cynical film festival world. Your responses will contribute to putting pressure on Film Festival portals to police, regulate and remove dubious film festivals.

Let us know your experience on the Dubious Film Festival Form


Doesn’t have a Venue

Online Festival Only

Awards Event

No transparency

High Submissions Fee

Only gives Laurels

Winners are sent self Printable Certificates

No Jury

Untraceable Director

Run from a Different country

Long list of awards

You must pay for the award if you win

Automatically Selected

High Discount Offers

Scam Film Festivals

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His book: An Independent Filmmakers Guide to Preparing and Submitting to Film Festivals is available from AMAZON.

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