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STUDENT FILMMAKERS – ARTICLE – 09th February 2021 – Vol.16, No.2

We do not know how long the disruption will last and to what extent we will be able to ‘go back to normal’. What we do know is that the pandemic will impact the industry for a long time. This meaHISns we must be clever, creative and calculating.


INDIE SHORTS MAG – ARTICLE – 20th August 2020
“From helping you understand how film festivals work, what they look for, how to strategically present your film, what are the various platforms available for you to engage with, the book is personal. Straeger shares from his own experiences and the lessons learnt along the way in his expansive career. Packed with several tidbits and tricks, the book is resourceful and engaging”

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STUDENT FILMMAKERS – ARTICLE – 09th September 2020 Times have changed through the novel coronavirus pandemic. The cause and effect on filmmakers, film festivals and cinemas have been profound. But, creativity and the desire to keep producing have not. Festivals and filmmakers have had to evolve. The need to take into consideration the changing economics of the world and the constraints that we all must work under are clear. By being clever and prepared, success is always more likely.

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Making films as an independent filmmaker is the best masterclass you can give yourself INTERVIEW by Nimisha Menon – 02nd October 2020
Writer, actor, filmmaker, jury member, and festival director, Anthony Straeger has (and continues to) donned several hats. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to interview a man who has held such a diverse portfolio. From his becoming a BAFTA jury member to his process in script writing. He takes us through his professional journey without pull any punches.

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Science fiction films a ‘projection’ of our coronavirus times by Zulfikar Abbany
INTERVIEW with Anthony Straeger & Isabella Hermann (Directors of Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest — 27th November 2020
This has got to be the best and worst time for an online film festival. There’s no red carpet, but the films on show at the Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest, starting November 27, are perfect for what we’re living through now.

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ARTICLE – 29th November 2020
For all filmmakers, the ultimate celebration of their work isn’t just completing the film. It is it reaches the screen and its deserving audience. Film festivals play a significant role in helping achieve that.

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