Your Responsibility

Research & Verify Film Festivals.

You must be alert to warning signs when submitting to film festivals. Submitting incurs costs, while legitimate indie festivals depend on fees, fraudsters exploit them. Research, vetting, and making an informed decisions are a priority. However you look at it, it is your responsibility to research & verify film festivals.


  1. Research and Verification: As a Filmmaker, it is your responsibility to check & verify a film festival’s legitimacy before submitting.
  2. Avoid Fraudulent Festivals: Exercise caution to avoid fraudulent festivals lacking transparency or implementing dubious policies. Submitting to scam festivals jeopardizes your submission fee and exposes your work to potential exploitation by malicious parties.
  3. Limit Submissions: By limiting the number of submissions, you can focus on reputable festivals and enhance your chances of meaningful recognition.
  4. Trust Your Instincts: Rely on your instincts and intuition when evaluating festivals. If something feels wrong or questionable, investigate further and make informed choices.
Solar System Poster with too many laurels on suggests applying to Scam Film Festivals

It is worth noting that FilmFreeway serves as a platform connecting filmmakers and festivals. While they strive to combat fraudulent activities with policies and guidelines, filmmakers must exercise due diligence in assessing festival credibility.


Avoiding Desperation: Resist the urge to rush into submissions out of desperation for guaranteed selection or accolades. Instead, prioritize reputable opportunities to protect yourself from scams.


Reporting Fraudulent Festivals: If you encounter scam festivals, report them and provide feedback to platforms like FilmFreeway to foster a safer and more credible festival landscape. Promoting integrity in the film industry and protecting fellow artists should be a top priority for filmmakers. (Film Freeway Contact Button)

The Dubious Film Festival Form

The Dubious Film Festival Form is here to help empower and support independent filmmakers like you. Film festivals provide a platform for smaller production companies and creatives to showcase their work. Unfortunately, some organizations exploit this opportunity for personal gain, running pseudo/fake/scam film festivals.  By sharing your experiences, we can expose these fraudulent entities and create an environment that fosters creativity and support.

Let’s stand united and make a difference. Fill in the DUBIOUS FILM FESTIVAL FORM today, and join us in safeguarding the integrity of the filmmaking community. Remember, it is your responsibility to research & verify film festivals

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