Fight Against Festival Fraud

And stop scams by signing the petition

The CHANGE.ORG petition targets¬†FilmFreeway’s¬†responsibility in accommodating fraudulent film festivals. By signing, you champion transparency, accountability, and FilmFreeway to honour dedicated filmmakers. The call is urgent: amplify the message, enlist others, and fortify our united voice. Once we collect sufficient support, we will present the petition and evidence to FilmFreeway. Add your voice and sign the petition. Fight against festival fraud & stop scams by signing the petition.

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Your support and actions are crucial in stopping people from being ripped off and becoming cynical within our independent film community. You’ll find numerous options for contributing and taking action by exploring the other SCAM FILM FESTIVAL pages.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

  1. CHANGE. ORG fight against festival fraud & stop scams by signing the petition.
  2. Fill in the DUBIOUS FILM FESTIVAL FORM and share your experience with us.
  3. If a Scam Festival invites you to submit, reply with this template WRITING TO A SCAM FESTIVAL.
  4. Download the Dubious Festivals (PDF – 02/04/24) It’s updated when a filmmaker reports via the DUBIOUS FILM FESTIVAL FORM or send me an EMAIL.
  5. Report fraudulent festivals to FilmFreeway by using their CONTACT BUTTON. You can also contact relevant authorities.
  6. Spread the word on Social Media and in Filmmaker Groups.

Each action listed above includes a link to the respective page. Together, we’ll access valuable resources to combat scams and create an environment of trust and support for all independent filmmakers. The strength of our collective voice will amplify the impact, increasing the possibility of protecting the integrity of the film community.

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Fight against festival fraud & stop scams by signing the petition

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