‘Creating Success With Your Submission’ and ‘An Independent Filmmakers Guide to Preparing and Submitting to Film Festivals’.
Both aim to give any filmmaker from first-timer to experienced the knowledge they need to give their film the best chance of succeeding when submitting to film festivals and how not to waste money. Creating Success With Your Submission was presented as part of a welcome pack to all submitters to Haunted House FearFest & Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest – After many requests, it became available as an updated version created especially for kindle called – Submitting to Film Festivals and is available for only 3$.

Read what some of the talented filmmakers have to say

Testimonials for Submitting to Film Festivals

Thank you for your email, and for sending through a copy of ‘Creating Success With Your Submission’

– it’s really helpful and interesting.

Nick Brier
(Director of Living Things)  featuring David Gyasi)
Testimonials for Submitting to Film Festivals
Thank you for sending over the booklet, it is a great initiative to send it to every person who submits. and was a great read. We have already used several of the very useful tips for this and our future submissions.
Borja Torres – Cryogenic Films
(Director of Dark Lights)

This is a great help, thank you. I’ve read it over and it seems like a trailer, letter to the festival and directors statement would be three key things to add to my submission and will do so this week.
Lauren R. Fritz – (Educationalist and filmmaker at New York University)

Testimonials for Submitting to Film Festivals
Thank you so much for the free copy of Creating Success With Your Submissions! It was a very informative read, and will definitely be helpful when submitting to future festivals, I really appreciate this kind of support. Thank you 🙂   Julia Beney (Director of Uncanny Valley)
Testimonials for Submitting to Film Festivals
Testimonials for Submitting to Film Festivals

Thank you Anthony. Your book was really helpful. I also want to tell you what a great time I had with the Berlin Sci-fi Film Festival. I’ve been involved in a number of film festivals – But by far, I had the most fun with yours.

Wade Chitwood (Director of The Prospector)
Testimonials for Submitting to Film Festivals
Many thanks for the film submission guide, it’s always good to have something like this as a quality checklist. I will definitely be buying the book.
Mike Hay (Director of Even The Rats)

Thank you greatly for sending this information!

I have found it extremely useful and clearly laid out.

I very much appreciate your time in helping filmmakers like myself.

Thomas Burke (Director of Camping Fun)
Testimonials for Submitting to Film Festivals

This is has been very insightful and helpful read and it makes you realise how much you really don’t know about the process. Deirdre Bound

Do you have a success story?

If you have read the book or the brochure, I’d like to hear from you. Tell me about how it has helped with your success rate. If you are having issues submitting or preparing, drop me a line and I will see how I can help.

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